PT Bangkitgiat Usaha Mandiri (PT BUM) is part of Nurdin Tampubolon Corporation (NT CORP) which was established since August 8, 1991. PT BUM is engaged in palm oil Plantations producing TBS/FFB (fresh fruit bunch). Now, we have palm oil plant to proceed TBS/FFB become crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel (PK).

We have obtained complete palm oil plantations licenses, from local government until central government. PT BUM is one of CPO producers with high profitability and efficient costs structure. Its main business activity is developing and maintaining palm oil plantations which produces TBS products, processing them become CPO (Crude Palm Oil) and PK (Palm kernel) and then supplying to local and foreign consumers.

PT BUM commenced implanting palm oil in 1998 and now it has area of 8 Estates Palm Oil Plantation in Tumbang Kalang and Tanjung Jorong, Antang Kalang District, Kotawaringin Timur Regency, Central Kalimantan. Palm Oil Processing Plant (PKS) completed its construction and made its first operation in 2009 with capacity of 60 ton/hour.

With total employee approximately ± 5.000 persons, we always commit in developing and maintaining environmental preservation. We also always making efforts in increasing system and plantations business requirements. It is evident with company policy for “No Burning on Land Clearing and Recycling of Empty Bunches, Effluent, & Solid as Organic Fertilizer”.


Being Reputable as National Company and Acknowledged Worldwide.


Gain Profit for The Company, Satisfaction for the Customers and pride for The Employes.

PT BUM values

  • Appreciate all persons as prestige human and employee as business subject.
  • Always do the best endeavors to satisfy customer.
  • Share dividend to the shareholders optimally.
  • Always satisfying with code of conduct and business ethic code.
  • Maintaining environmental preservation and harmony.
  • Taking part in increasing economy of the surrounding people.

5 Cultural Values (TIPBE) & 10 Main Attitude

  1. Give respect each other and cooperation
  2. Honest, sincere and open
  1. Discipline and consistent
  2. Thinking, pronouncing and acting ethically
  1. Competent and responsible
  2. Giving solution and the best result
  1. Innovative, proactive and responsive
  2. Prioritizing performance for achieving target
  1. Orientation to additional value & continuous improvement
  2. Environmental Care