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PT Bangkitgiat Usaha Mandiri is part of Nurdin Tampubolon Corporation (NT Corp) which was established since August 8, 1991. PT Bangkitgiat Usaha Mandiri is engaged in palm oil plantation producing Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB). Now we have palm oil plant to proceed FFB become Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel (PK).

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Our Produce Is Mainstay For Us

PT Bangkitgiat Usaha Mandiri now already had 8 estates of Palm Oil Plantations and Palm Oil Mill capacity 60 tons FFB per hour, also have the land bank expansions which currently on progress.

Fresh Fruit Bunch

We produce the best FFB products in every palm tree with excellent fruit maturity.

Crude Palm Oil

The CPO that we produce is a good quality where the yield of CPO is 25%, Free Fatty Acid is 3%, the water content is 0.2% and the gross content is 0.02%.

Palm Kernel

The Palm Kernel that we produce is good quality where the water content is 7% and the gross content is 7%.

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Post on 2019-07-24
Pelatihan Pestisida Terbatas

PT. Bangkitgiat Usaha Mandiri bekerjasama dengan Dinas Pertanian dan Kesehatan Kotawaringin Timur dan PT. Centa Brasindo Abadi Chemical menyelenggarakan Pelatihan Pestisida Terbatas Bahan Aktif Paraquat Merk Primaxone Plus 280 SL.